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Our Predictive Sales Recruitment Process

Modern sales recruiting driven by science, technology, and human expertise. 

Don't Make Your Hiring Decisions Based on Impressions and Feelings

Lack of a recruitment strategy is one of the most critical mistakes CEOs and sales leaders make when it comes to finding top sales talent. For sales recruitment to be effective, you need a proven approach, a repeatable process, and the right tools to determine skills, compatibility and predict success before you hire. 



Assess Your Hiring Needs and Build Your Recruitment Strategy

A “one size fits all” approach won’t deliver the results you need. We work closely with your team to understand your sales strategy, team culture, skill gaps, and talent needs. Then, we use this information to develop a recruitment strategy and predictive hiring model that differentiates your business and aligns with your corporate goals.



Define Your Ideal Candidate Criteria and Sales DNA Profile

Evaluate your top and bottom performers to create a tailored hiring profile that aligns with your sales roles and team structure. Incorporate the candidate criteria into a Sales DNA profile to objectively and accurately match candidates with the skills, characteristics, and industry experience you need. 



Attract and Engage the Right Talent for Your Sales Environment

Fill your pipeline with qualified candidates faster with proactive sourcing and a vast network of sales professionals that match your unique profile and requirements. Attract and engage both passive and active candidates with your unique story and value proposition to set you apart from your competitors.  



Predict Candidate Success and Eliminate 96% of Hiring Mistakes

Automate pre-interviewing and screening with the most accurate and predictive sales candidate assessment in the industry. Filter and qualify candidates 10x faster using data and science to evaluate 21 core selling competencies tailored to your hiring profile and selling environment.



Streamline the Interview Process and Improve Collaboration 

Eliminate blind spots, inconsistencies, and unproductive interviews with behavioral style questions and scorecards that focus your team on the ideal skills, characteristics, and behaviors that lead to success. Keep candidates engaged and streamline the efficiency of your hiring process.



Hire Based on Facts and Data, Not "Gut Feelings" and Impressions

Make smarter hiring decisions and select the right candidates with confidence, every time. Use key insights and hiring recommendations supported by data, science, and human expertise to objectively and accurately compare and hire candidates.



Train and Equip Your New Reps for Long-Term Success

Onboard faster with training designed for your new hire’s Sales DNA profile, reinforced with micro-learning, videos, role play, and action plans to sharpen selling skills and improve retention. Equip reps with sales playbooks that define your sales process, goals, metrics, messaging, and provide a roadmap to success.



Eliminate Weaknesses, Increase Productivity and Maximize Performance

Develop your sales talent into rock stars and keep reps performing at peak levels by identifying and eliminating weaknesses and challenges before they impact results. With data-driven insights and science-based sales staff assessment tools, we can help you create a sustainable, high-performance sales culture that keeps delivering next-level results year over year.

HireDNA unique approach to consistently finding high caliber sales talent that produces has made a significant impact on our success

President IMS Technology

Finding the right individual is time consuming and making the wrong hire can be detrimental. Since our inception, we have relied on HireDNA to understand our services and match us with high-quality candidates.

Mario Carrasco
Co-Founder ThinkNow Research

HireDNA has been key to guiding our sales force to a formalized sales process and streamlining our sales operations. These improvements have increased sales and improved client retention.

Luke Kelleher
Manager Resource Development Rayonier, Inc.

Working with HireDNA has allowed us to focus our time on more strategic matters while still generating outside leads to help our business grow.

Michael Clarke
Director P-Solve USA

We Go Beyond the Hiring Process to Train and
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