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Predict success before hiring with proven data and science, not impressions and instincts.

Predictive Sales Candidate Assessments

Saying that sales leaders have a hard time finding the right talent is an understatement. About 45% of hiring managers are unable to fill key positions due to a lack of qualified talent! Add this to the fact that 53% of sales reps fail to hit their quota, and you’ve got a real problem. This is where HireDNA can help. As a leading technology sales recruitment agency, we can help you find the right candidates for the right sales roles—as proved by our successful placement rate of 80%! With our predictive hiring technology, we take the guesswork out of your hiring process.

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Don’t Risk Your Numbers On A Gut Feeling. Use Proven Tools To Hire Elite Talent.

  • Create customized candidate profiles based on your hiring criteria and unique sales environment.
  • Go beyond personality traits to assess 21 core selling competencies possessed by top sales performers in your industry.
  • See your sales team’s potential success in black and white, with quantified data you can measure.
  • Leverage industry-leading predictive sales hiring tools and methodology based on 20 years of data from more than 1.8 million salespeople.

HireDNA unique approach to consistently finding high caliber sales talent that produces has made a significant impact on our success

President IMS Technology

Finding the right individual is time consuming and making the wrong hire can be detrimental. Since our inception, we have relied on HireDNA to understand our services and match us with high-quality candidates.

Mario Carrasco
Co-Founder ThinkNow Research

HireDNA has been key to guiding our sales force to a formalized sales process and streamlining our sales operations. These improvements have increased sales and improved client retention.

Luke Kelleher
Manager Resource Development Rayonier, Inc.

Working with HireDNA has allowed us to focus our time on more strategic matters while still generating outside leads to help our business grow.

Michael Clarke
Director P-Solve USA

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Sales Readiness Assessment

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Hire The Right Person For The Job… Every Time!

How does a 92% candidate success rate sound? This is exactly what we’re offering at HireDNA—a chance to build a sales team where every member fits perfectly. Many people have the right skills and knowledge of the field. But working in sales requires much more than what you can include in a resume. The right sales DNA and motivation don’t come with a college degree. This is why predictive hiring accounts for much more than credentials or standard interview answers. We go further with comprehensive assessments and analysis to find the right candidate for your organization’s needs.

About The Assessment

We use the Objective Management Group (OMG) Sales Candidate Assessment to screen candidates. This is one of the world’s most accurate and predictive assessments. It has a 3rd party validated success rate of 92% of recommended and hired candidates performing at or above expectations.


How Does It Help You?

Sales is a demanding field. Sales representatives and managers are tasked with bringing in customers and growing your revenue. So how can you determine if a candidate has the capabilities required? With the help of predictive hiring, of course!

At a time when 82% of companies are using some form of pre-employment assessment test, neglecting predictive hiring can translate to all the top talent heading toward your competitor.

Why Use Predictive Hiring?

Still not convinced? Here’s how predictive hiring can help you build the perfect sales team:

Alignment With Organizational Culture

Finding candidates that align with your organizational culture and unique sales environment is one of the biggest problems hiring managers face. Our predictive hiring tools and candidate assessments help you find the talent that syncs well with your team.

Define Exact Hiring Criteria

Subjective metrics, such as the profile of top performers, are often not properly characterized. It is crucial that competencies are defined and adhered to when choosing the right person for your sales team.

Beat The Competition

The job market is very competitive—and salespeople know this. We provide clients exclusive access to high-quality talent pools, so you can choose the right salespeople before your competitors do.

The HireDNA Process

Attracting and recruiting top sales talent in such a competitive economy is no easy task. That’s why HireDNA approaches sales recruitment differently. Our rigorous hiring process relies on science, not instinct, to find the top talent that your organization needs.

Your Winning Sales Team Starts Here

HireDNA is a leading technology sales recruitment agency offering you a chance to hire better, faster, and smarter with advanced predictive hiring tools. Want to recruit top sales talent? Get in touch.

Sales Readiness Assessment

Ready To Predict Candidate Success?

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