Hiring Readiness Assessment

Strategies and Tools to Help You Recruit, Onboard, and Develop Top Sales Talent  

Sales Team Assessment Tools


Sales Person Evaluator

Assess the professional selling skills of your sales staff and determine what key areas are in greatest need of strengthening. 

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Sales Readiness Tool

Sales Hiring Assessment

Answer a few critical questions and find out what you need to recruit, train, and equip top sales talent, every time. 

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Business scorecard-1

Interview Questionnaire & Scorecard

Download the sales interview questionnaire and scorecard to streamline your interview process and ensure consistency across candidates and hiring managers.

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Sales Plan-1

Sales Plan Template

Download this template and build your sales plan. Make it simple for your sales team to understand your goals, how to accomplish them, and tools needed. 

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Sales DNA Modifier-1

Sales DNA Modifier

The Sales DNA Modifier helps sales professionals overcome 10 common sales weaknesses that sabotage performance.

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Sales Hiring Mistake Calculator

Sales Hiring Mistake Calculator

Answer just 15 questions and we'll instantly provide you with your total cost of hiring mistakes including recruitment, development and lost business. 

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Sales Recruiting Process Grader 3

Sales Recruiting Process Grader

How does your sales recruiting process measure up? Click the bottom below and answer a few questions and we'll provide you with your sales recruiting grade. See how your process compares with top sales organizations. 

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How To Improve B2B Cold Calling Success Rates Article

How To Improve B2B Cold Calling Success Rates

Strategies To Improve Your Sales Onboarding Process Article

Strategies To Improve Your Sales Onboarding Process

Top Reasons to Hire Millennials in Sales Article

Top Reasons to Hire Millennials in Sales

Improve Your Sales Hiring Strategy In 5 Easy Steps Article

Improve Your Sales Hiring Strategy In 5 Easy Steps

White Papers

HireDNA_Winning Sales Team Blog

How to Build a Winning Sales Team

Building an effective sales team is essential to the sustained growth of your organization. In the ebook we will provide 5 actionable tips to help you recruit, train, and equip your sales team for next level results. 


The Science Behind Sales Success...

Download The Science Behind Sales Success whitepaper to learn how evidence-based data and predictive hiring tools will help you build a successful sales force.


The Modern Science Behind Salesforce Excellence...

This White Paper provides insights, commentary and conclusions reached from our Sales Force Effectiveness Study, conducted during the ...

Predicting Sales Turnover

The Science of Predicting Sales Turnover

This White Paper has Dave Kurlan's latest research, empirical data, and insights into how you can accurately predict and prevent sales turnover before you hire a new salesperson. 


Training Videos


Predictive Sales Hiring Demo

Learn how our predictive hiring system uses data and science to benchmark the right sales DNA profile and hiring criteria for your unique sales environment.


The Science Behind the OMG Sales Candidate Assessment

Learn how the world's most accurate and predictive sales candidate assessment will help to eliminate hiring mistakes and how 91% of recommended and hired candidates perform at or above expectations. 


Consistently Recruit Top Sales Talent

Looking to take the frustration and uncertainty out of sales hiring? This video provides exactly what you need to identify, assess, and select top sales performers, every time.